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Visitor FAQs

Below are answers to some common questions raised by our visitors to the exhibition. If you have further queries regarding your visit or other aspects of the show, please contact us.

  1. What are the opening hours of the exhibition?
  2. The exhibition’s opening hours are 9 am to 6 pm daily.

    Visitor registration will stop 30 minutes before the closing time during all four days of the exhibition.

  3. Where can I find the list of exhibitors and the products that will be showcased at the exhibition?
  4. View the FHA Online Show Catalogue or download the Event Mobile App (which will be available from November 2017) to check out the list of exhibitors and the products and services offered by them.

  1. I want to visit Food&HotelAsia2018 exhibition. How do I register?
  2. Trade professionals who wish to visit the exhibition must register through one of the following:

    Before the Show


    • You can pre-register your visit before 13 April 2018 by completing the Visitor Pre-Registration form.
    • Visitors will receive a confirmation email upon approval of their registration.
    • The confirmation email is to be presented along with the visitor’s business card when collecting the visitor badge.
    • Details and instructions for visitor badge collection will be made known in the confirmation email.
    • Pre-registered visitors with valid confirmation email will not be required to pay the admission fee.

    Complimentary Admission Ticket

    • Complimentary admission tickets are issued by the exhibitors of FHA2018 to their clients and business associates.
    • The complimentary admission ticket is to be presented along with the visitor’s business card during registration.
    • Non-related trade professionals will be denied registration and entry into the exhibition.
    • Holders of the complimentary admission ticket are to proceed to the Visitor Registration counters for registration.
    • The Visitor Registration counters are open from 9am to 5.30pm during show days.
    • Holders of the complimentary admission ticket will not be required to pay the admission fee.

    During the Show

    Walk-in Registration

    • Related food and hospitality trade professionals who are not pre-registered or do not hold a complimentary admission ticket can purchase an admission ticket at SGD80 (inclusive of 7% GST) via the Ticket Sales counter.
    • You will be required to produce your business card for verification prior to the purchase or even during the registration process. Non-related trade professionals will not be allowed to purchase the admission ticket.
    • Payment of the admission fee can be made in cash or by Visa or Mastercard only.
    • Complete the admission ticket and present it to the registration counter along with your business/name card to obtain your entry badge.
    • The Ticket Sales counters are located within the Visitor Registration areas. They are open from 9am to 5.30pm during show days.

  3. What privileges can I enjoy from pre-registering my visit?
  4. As a pre-registered visitor, you can enjoy the following privileges:

    • Waiver of the SGD80 admission fee upon approval of the pre-registration.
    • Faster and hassle-free collection of admission badge.

  5. Is there any admission fee payable to visit Food&HotelAsia2018?
  6. Yes. To enter the exhibition of Food&HotelAsia2018, visitors will have to purchase an admission ticket which costs SGD80 (inclusive of 7% GST). Cash, Visa and Mastercard are accepted for the purchase of admission tickets and payment must be made in Singapore Dollars.

    However, you can enjoy free admission if you pre-register your visit before 12 April 2018.

  7. Am I considered a pre-registered visitor after submitting the online visitor pre-registration form?
  8. No. Your pre-registration submission is subject to approval by the Organiser. Once your pre-registration is approved, a Pre-Registration Confirmation email containing your Pre-Registration Number will be sent to your email address. You will also be notified if your registration is unsuccessful. Please allow up to 5 working days for our staff to process your registration. Please ensure that the FHA email address ([email protected]) is added to your Safe Senders List to avoid undelivered/blocked emails.

  9. It’s been more than 5 working days since I’ve pre-registered, but I have not received any notification from the Organiser. What should I do?
  10. You can contact us to check on your pre-registration status. In order for us to retrieve your record, please provide the following information as submitted during your pre-registration:

    • First Name
    • Family Name
    • Company Name
    • Job Title
    • Email Address

  11. I’ve lost my Pre-Registration Confirmation Letter. What should I do?
  12. If you can remember your Pre-Registration Number reflected in the confirmation letter, you can quote this number together with your business card when collecting your visitor badge.

    If you do not have your Pre-Registration Number, you can request for our staff to check the system by producing your business card. In the event that your record cannot be found, you will need to pay an SGD80 admission fee to enter the exhibition.

  13. I am a pre-registered visitor. Due to some reasons, I am unable to visit the exhibition. Can I get my colleague/friend/relative to attend on my behalf?
  14. No. Your pre-registration is approved based on your personal information and is strictly non-transferable. You will be required to produce the necessary documents/ID for verification purposes during the collection of your visitor badge.

  1. What is the admission policy to visit Food&HotelAsia2018?
  2. Admission to the exhibition is strictly for professionals in the food and hospitality trade only. General public and minors below the age of 18 will not be allowed to enter.

    Trade visitors who do not hold either one of the following will have to pay an admission fee of SGD80 to visit the exhibition:

    • FHA2018 Complimentary Admission Ticket or
    • FHA2018 Pre-Registration Confirmation Email
    • Original FHA2018 Pre-Registration Confirmation SMS

    Visitor badges are non-transferable due to security reasons. Visitors may be asked by security personnel to present proof of identification before entry to the exhibition.

  3. Is there a dress code to observe?
  4. We seek your understanding that this is a trade (business-to-business) event and that visitors should be in proper business attire. Visitors in any of the following attire will not be allowed entry into the exhibition:

    • Shorts/Bermudas
    • Singlets/Sleeveless Shirts/Sleeveless T-shirts
    • Slippers/Flip-Flops
    • Sandals/Sports Sandals
    • Uncovered Footwear (for gentlemen)
    • Uncovered Footwear without heels (for ladies)

    The Organiser reserves the right to refuse admission, without prejudice, to visitors who are deemed to be inappropriately dressed.