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Innovation opportunities in vitamins, minerals and supplements new product development in the year of 2020

18 August 2020


New research from Mintel, the experts in what consumers want and why, reveals innovation opportunities in vitamins, minerals and supplements new product development in the year of 2020.

In the report, Mintel analyst claims that there are 3 main opportunities found in APAC region, namely:

Given the COVID-19 crisis, VMS brands must focus on promoting immune-boosting merits – at least short- to medium-term, until a vaccine or effective treatment is developed. Renowned immune-boosting vitamins/ minerals (eg C, B-vitamins, zinc and vitamin D) will be popular. Indeed, given high demand and stockpiling, the supply of immune support formulas has been a challenge for some brands and retailers. But don’t overlook other in-demand benefits. Immune support claims will be a must given the current COVID-19 crisis, but don’t overlook other benefits that support top health concerns.

In China, these include eyesight issues, digestive problems and sleep disorders. Moreover, also look to care for ailments that may have been exacerbated during lockdowns and social distancing measures, such as anxiety and bone health (linked to disrupted outdoor exercise routines). Also, lead with and be clear about the benefits of your VMS when it comes to packaging/advertising, and then educate and strengthen the association between specific ingredients/vitamins/minerals and their functions. This is because of somewhat limited knowledge of specific vitamins.

In this report, you will also read:

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