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Asia’s foodservice businesses
Growing in tandem with Asia’s foodservice sector, FHA is your one-stop platform for sourcing from a well-represented international selection of products, as well as to acquire knowledge to improve your foodservice operations.
Region’s largest display of international commercial foodservice and
kitchen equipment and supplies
Only at Suntec Singapore!
Here is a preview of some of the foodservice equipment and supplies exhibitors at FHA2018:

Booth Number: H6P2-07
Country: Spain
Product Name: Professional Citrus Squeezer Z06 Nature
Z06 Nature can squeeze all kinds of citrus. It includes an automatic filter which facilitates the maintenance and the previous squeezing system (EVS) has been replaced by the EVS Advanced.
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Booth Number: H4H3-01
Country: United States of America
Product Name: MRX52 Speed Oven
Power and speed in a compact footprint. Flexible cooking technology and intuitive programming offer superior results in a fraction of the time. Using 3000W forced convection with the boost of microwave energy, the MRX cooks 15 times faster than conventional ovens.
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Booth Number: H6H4-06
Country: Taiwan
Product Name: Indoor Filtering/Cooking Station
Don’t need ducting anymore. No Oil Mist, No Smoke, No Odor!
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Booth Number: H6J2-01
Country: Korea
Product Name: LMI-650A
Newly launched modular ice machine. It makes 300kg of clear crescent ice in 24 hours.
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Booth Number: H4D4-02
Country: Japan
Product Name: Automatic Stamping Machine
PREMIERE Automatic Stamping Machine series consists of six types of machines and two types of options. MS-18 is the basic machine of the series, featuring stamping only. Other machines with different functions are available too.
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Booth Number: H4R2-06
Country: United Kingdom
Product Name: Adande Drawers VCS/VCR
Adande® technology is fundamentally different with its insulated container design patented worldwide. The Cold™ technology ensures cold air stays with the food despite frequent drawer opening, resulting in temperature stability, improved food quality, longer shelf life for food, less food waste, lower energy use.
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Booth Number: H6G3-01
Country: Singapore
Product Name: Aging Cabinet
The Everlasting Stagionatore comes from a project that combines more than 60 years of experience in the professional refrigeration field with advice from experts and technicians from the meat and cheese industry. All the refrigerators allow you to manage temperature, humidity and ventilation parameters.
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Booth Number: H4D3-01
Country: Hong Kong
Product Name: Waterless Wok
The NEWWAY Waterless Wok is constructed on a solid frame complete with all 304 stainless steel exterior that is strong and durable. With an ongoing focus on sustainability and efficiency, our waterless wok features an air cooler which eliminates the need for water deck cooling.
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Booth Number: H6M3-01
Country: Czech Republic
Product Name: Snack Tabletop Equipment
The comprehensive range of snack units is an ideal option for fast food and small catering units. Wide selection of models and options helps in setting up a compact customised configuration.
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Booth Number: H4R4-07
Country: Italy
Product Name: S-line Vacuum Packers
The S-LINE series represent the range of SICO KITCHENWARE® production ideal for the HORECA sector. They have an AISI 304 steel housing and chromium-plated trimmings. The triple sealing bar is an absolute innovation in the market.
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Gain in-depth insights on central kitchen operations and latest F&B trends and technology at FHA2018 International Conference
Central Kitchen, 24 – 26 April @ Suntec Singapore
A centralised kitchen allows obvious productivity improvements – shorter staff training time, simplified processes and easier knowledge transfer to its franchises. Join us at Central Kitchen and catch stakeholders and adopters share insights on how implementation can lead to streamlined workflows and higher profit margins.

  • Pre-Conference Masterclass: Central Kitchen – from Conceptualization to Implementation
  • Combined Morning Plenary with Food Services Track
  • Half Day Site Visit
Food Services, 24 – 26 April @ Suntec Singapore
Improving productivity in the F&B industry correlates to better profitability. Have you ever thought of how to grow your revenue, increase efficiency and at the same time cut costs? The conference sub-tracks - Managing F&B Operations, Kitchen and Restaurant Technology, and New F&B Trends & Concepts will unveil various ways to optimise food services processes, as well as innovative F&B technologies and concepts to achieve this goal.

  • Pre-Conference Masterclass: Boosting Productivity and Profitability in Restaurant Operations
  • Combined Morning Plenary with Central Kitchen Track
  • F&B Operations
  • Kitchen & Restaurant Technology
  • F&B Trends and Concepts
  • Half Day Site Visit
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Key Speakers speaking at the conference include:
Becky Cheung Jocelyn Chng
International Food Safety Association (IFSA)
JR Group
Vincent Tan Raheel Ahma
Select Group
Culinary Director – APEC
Marriott International
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Award winning showcase of foodservice equipment incorporating Sustainability, Cost Savings and Innovations

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Free short sessions covering topics on Halal certification and foodservice; and digital marketing
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