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Conference Overview


FHA2018 International Conference will return on 24 – 27 April 2018 now in 2 venues, Singapore Expo and Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre. The 2018 edition will focus on 4 key themes including:

  • Hotel & Resorts Management
  • Central Kitchen
  • Food Services
  • Bakery

Expect to meet and network with 500+ attendees for 2018 as we aim to bring to you new topics, new speakers and new implementable strategies which you can take back for your business. Look out for more information about FHA2018 International Conference.

Overview of FHA2016 International Conference

FHA2016 International Conference was a resounding success! FHA International Conference continues to be the region’s leading knowledge exchange and networking platform for the food and hospitality sectors. This year, FHA International Conference played host to close to 400 attendees from hotels & resorts, food services, food manufacturers and technology & solution providers.

The 3-day action packed conference, which ran from 12 – 14 April, featured close to 90 industry experts, and discussed the latest trends, topical challenges and best practices. Attendees had an amazing learning and networking experience through masterclasses, site visits, networking sessions, power-packed panel discussions, useful user case study presentations and interactive roundtable discussions.

The 2016 edition of the conference featured the following conference tracks, masterclasses and site visits:

Hotels & Resorts Food Services Food Manufacturing Bakery
12 April 2016
9.30am – 12.30pm Masterclass 1
Developing and Reinforcing an Aesthetic Design Concept for Sustainable Hospitality Assets
Masterclass 2
Leveraging your Existing Fans to Win New Ones through Social and Online Campaigns – Offline to Online Chatter
Masterclass 3
Incorporating Latest Techniques for Effective Mass Food Traceability
Masterclass 4
Future Trends in Bakery: Product Innovation and Development for Freshness, Health and Taste
2.00pm – 5.00pm Masterclass 5
How to Retrofit Hospitality Assets Cost Effectively while Minimising the Impact on Operations
Masterclass 6
Central Kitchen – Process Planning, Design and Considerations
Site Visit 2
Singapore’s Largest Frozen Storage Space
Site Visit 1
Smart & Central Kitchen – State-of-the-art Food Preparation Equipment, Efficiency & Productivity
13 April 2016 Combined Morning Plenary Session
– Industry Keynote Address: The Changing Demographisc and Trends in Hospitality Developement
– CEO Insights – Next Hospitality Investment Destinations
– Panel Discussion: Hospitality Investors Think Tank
Hotels & Resorts Management Conference F&B Design, Technology & Operations Conference Food Safety & Supply Conference
Capitalising on Regional Commercial Opportunities Smart Revenue Management Strategies Regional Expansion Strategies for F&B – To Dos and Donts

Successfully Create, Launch and Revive Restaurant Concepts

Cost Efficient Technology Integration for Improved F&B Operations

Achieving Higher Customer Satisfaction through Efficient Engagement Planning and Resource Allocation

Understanding FSMA: The Impact on Regional Food Trade

Regional Food Safety Legal Framework

Understanding New Contaminants and Implementing Food Traceability Measures

Addressing Barriers to Entry in New Markets

New Project Pipelines in APAC

Growth and Consolidation Planning

Assessing Market Indicators and Understanding Their Impact on Success

Achieving a “Total Hotel” RM Strategy

Pricing Strategies for Profit Maximisation

Multiple Distribution Channel Management for Global Reach

Social Marketing Innovations & Analytics for Customer Perception Management

14 April 2016 Combined Morning Plenary Session
(Hotels & Resorts)

– Opening Panel: Competing in a Crowded World – How are International and Asian Hoteliers, and OTAs Adapting Their Approach to the Industry
– Champions of Sustainable Hospitality Panel
– BRANDS: Look the Other Way
Combined Morning Plenary Session (F&B)
– Panel: South East Asia Food Industry Stakeholders
– F & B Innovators Forum
– Industry Keynote Address: The Role of Regional Stakeholders in Delivering Safe and Sustainable F & B Success
Hotels & Resorts Management Conference F&B Design, Technology & Operations Conference Food Safety & Supply Conference
Cloud and Analytics Applications for Smarter, Quicker RM Decision Making

Innovative Experience & Product Enhancement to Drive Additional Revenues

New Trends in Improving Operational Excellence

Menu Engineering: New Trends

‘Reviving the Local Cuisine’ – Developing a Fusion Menu

Trends in Sustainable Kitchen Space Design

Upcoming Trends in Kitchen Space Utilisation – Doing More with Less

Central Kitchen and Centralised Production Units – Consolidating Food Preparations for Increased Efficiencies and Cost Savings

Cost Efficient Outsourcing of Culinary Preparations

From Response to Prevention: Improving Efficiency in Food Traceability

Removing the Vulnerable Links in the Chain of Food Safety

The 4Ts in Cold Chain Logistics for Improved Food Safety

Overcoming Operational and Resource Challenges through Collaborative Logistics

Key Highlights from FHA2016 International Conference
Kicking off the 2016 edition of the FHA International Conference, was Keynote Speaker, Jesper Palmqvist, Area Director, Asia Pacific, STR Global. He set the tone for the rest of the conference, discussing The Changing Demographics in APAC and Trends in Hospitality Development.
Eric Levy, Managing Director of TSI, introduces the moderator and panellists of the Panel Discussion: CEO Insights – Next Hospitality Destination Hotspot Investments:

Robert McIntosh, Executive Director, APAC, CBRE Hotels

Marc Dardenne, Chief Executive Officer, Patina Hotels & Resorts

Budi Tirtawisata, Group Chief Executive Officer, Panorama Group

Frederic F. Simon, Chief Executive Officer, Asia, Commune Hotels + Resorts

Mohd K Rafin, Chief Corporate Officer, Park Hotel Group

Fashionable Food & Dining Trends and Restaurant Concepts was a hot topic in the Food Services conference track. This was a very received panel discussion, consisting:

Stephen Kelly, Board Trustee, FCSI – APD, Managing Director, Hospitality Management Australia

Anupam Banerjee, Executive Chef, The Ritz-Carlton, Bangalore

Alan Barr, Founder and Managing Director, greyMatters

Himanshu Taneja, Executive Chef, Marriott International

Dave Pynt, Chef-Owner, Burnt Ends

Here’s What Our Conference Delegates Had to Say
An interesting overview of East meets West and the increasing impact of food safety on global well-being. Good to have a variety of viewpoints from the region.

Sue Saunders, Consultant

Gecko Consulting, Australia & Hong Kong

Puratos is an innovation. It has brought science part of the food out and that’s how they have been able to do wonderful products. They are very focused.

Manohar Singh Devandi, Executive Chef

Royal Orchid Hotels, India

Very apt and to the point session on sustainable hotel development.

Beni Agrawal, Founder and Principal Consultant

GK Hospitality Services

Excellent mix of speakers, sharing insightful, yet relevant information on the food industry.

Joseph Tan, Managing Director

Meta East Progress SB

This conference was awesome! It was filled with great speakers from across the world and covered all the latest topics that needed more clarity. If you are in the food business in any part of the world, this is a must attend event!

Ashwin Bhadri, Chief Executive Officer

Equinox Labs

It is encouraging to see top-level company executives at the highest level discussing trends in sustainable hospitality, demonstrating that the topic has moved from a niche to the mainstream discussions of the hospitality industry.

Eric Ricaurte, Founder


The conference is very informative. We were made to understand the present trends in bakery products. The latest innovations being lectured would surely boost more sales especially the story-telling way of inspiring our customers to be curious in buying the products. Insights on global preferences make us aware of future productions to be displayed in our stores. Healthy ingredients being introduced will answer to the needs of our health conscious clientele.

Zenaida B. Gonzales, Owner

Michell’s Cakes & Pasteries and Stregato Gelateria

FHA2016 was the largest ever and very helpful. We did product research in several product categories for our more then 200 hotels and found what we were looking for. Besides the exhibition we also took advantage of the conference offerings and found it to be an excellent networking opportunity. We will definitely be back in 2018.

Norbert Vas, Vice President

Business Development & Operations (West), Archipelago International

Get the best information and solutions directly from the expert and practicing”. This event provided the most valid information and solutions for all participants.

Satria Wei, Managing Director

PT PHM Hospitality

A colossal undertaking that was very well executed.

Faez Jumabhoy, Managing Director and Head

Real Estate Finance, CIMB Group

FHA2016 International Conference Attendee Profile