I’m Rodolphe LAMEYSE, the Event Director for Food&HotelAsia (FHA). Over the years, FHA has established itself as Asia’s leading food and hospitality trade event. We would not have done it without your strong support for the show and would like to thank you.

The next FHA will return from 24 - 27 April 2018. Come 2018, we will also be celebrating FHA’s 40th anniversary. Stay tuned for the line-up of activities that is in store to mark this incredible industry milestone.

Rodolphe Lameyse 

For now, my team and I are eager to share some of the new and exciting initiatives and developments at this coming edition with you.

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We have grown!
We have expanded across two of Singapore’s largest exhibition venues (Singapore Expo and Suntec Singapore) to bring you even more suppliers and product choices from across the globe!

Suntec Singapore will house HotelAsia2018 (1 of FHA2018’s 6 specialised exhibitions) - A dedicated and integrated platform with a wide selection of international foodservice and hospitality equipment and supplies.

Simply pre-register your visit to FHA2018 here. The admission badge will give you access to the exhibitions at both Suntec Singapore and Singapore Expo. You need not re-register.

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Check out the first-time additions at FHA
Over 200 new exhibitors from more than 30 countries / regions have confirmed their participation at FHA! Here’s a sneak preview:

Suntec Singapore
Adande Refrigeration (United Kingdom),
ATA (Italy), Fimar (Italy), Fukushima International (Singapore), Guangzhou Linkrich Machinery Development (China), Hygieia
Ware Washing (Singapore), IKC Asia Pacific (Singapore), Josef Holler (Malaysia),
Krome Dispense (India), Lotus (Italy),
PT Duta Indah Abadi (Indonesia),
RJ Environment Solutions (Singapore),
Sofinor (France), Talos Holdings (China)

Singapore Expo
Agrofusion (Ukraine), AMF Bakery Systems (United States of America), Cocoro Ceramics Trading (Japan), Eternum (Belgium), Fantasy Beauty (Taiwan), Irca (Italy), Kidigi (Hong Kong), Maltra Foods (Australia), Octopus Retail Management (Singapore), Polish Dairy (Poland), Pondok Abang (Singapore), Probat - Werke Von Gimborn Maschinenfabrik (Germany), Scandibake Ou (Estonia), VRC Meat Med (Netherlands), YouBed (Sweden)
View the complete list of exhibitors here
See an international showcase only at FHA
In 2018, FHA will stage its largest-ever showing of group pavilions at its 40th anniversary with a presence of 68 international group pavilions. Of which, 22 are new pavilions organised by international trade associations and government agencies participating at FHA for the first time.
New pavilions include, but not limited to:

Bakery&Pastry – Germany, Portugal
FoodAsia – Belgium, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Qatar
HotelAsia – Greece, Japan, Singapore
HospitalityStyleAsia – Spain

View the complete list of exhibitors here

More than just an exhibition

Venue: Bakery&Pastry2018 @ Singapore Expo
Where talented pastry chefs put forth their creativity and technical skills in gelato making... More info >>

Venue: SpecialityCoffee&Tea2018 @
Singapore Expo:
Where top baristas put their technical skills and top their performances off with good showmanship to a panel of distinguished judges and a live audience... More info >>

Venue: SpecialityCoffee&Tea2018 @
Singapore Expo
Pitting coffee roasters against each other as they apply their coffee knowledge to the test... More info >>

Venue: SpecialityCoffee&Tea2018 @
Singapore Expo
A coffee cupping competition where baristas evaluate the characteristics and quality of coffee... More info >>

Venue: Bakery&Pastry2018 @ Singapore Expo
Dedicated zone with leading suppliers from around the world that will present unique flavours and ingredients, and the latest equipment for gelato-making... More info >>

Venue: HotelAsia2018 @ Suntec Singapore
Featuring winning foodservice equipment that bring about Sustainability, Cost Saving and Innovation... More info >>
Venue: HotelAsia2018 @ Suntec Singapore
One-to-one foodservice equipment consultation clinics... More info >>

Venue: HotelAsia2018 @ Suntec Singapore
Topics include Halal Hospitality, Halal Kitchen Design, Automation and Digital Marketing for food and hospitality...
More info >>

Venue: HotelAsia2018 @ Suntec Singapore
Guided tours for selected exhibit profiles at HotelAsia2018...
More info >>

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I look forward to having you with us this coming April in Singapore.
Mr. Rodolphe LAMEYSE
Event Director, Food & Hospitality